Registered Sex Offenders
Last Updated: December 29, 2014

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Below is a list of sex offenders that have registered with the Naperville Police Department. This list may change on a daily basis and the information contained herein is accurate only for the date and time of release. This page will be updated as needed.

The State of Illinois maintains a list of Illinois Murderers and Violent Offenders Against Youth on their website.

Please contact the detectives listed at right with any questions regarding this list.

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Colon, Christopher D., M/W, 02/22/1994, 5’10”, 170 lbs., Brown Hair/Blue Eyes
2834 Cedar Glade Drive
Possession of Child Pornography, Victim under 18
Red 2001 Nissa Xterra, License Plate # 8785688 (Illinois) 

Cruz, Fernando D., M/W, 12/12/1982, 5’6”, 160 lbs., Black Hair/Brown Eyes
Red Roof Inn, 1698 W. Diehl Road, Room #311
Possession of Child Pornography, Victim 14 years old
2009 Black Chevrolet Aveo, Illinois Plates H911459

Garcia, Kenneth A., M/H, 01/25/1978, 5’5”, 155 lbs., Black Hair/Brown Eyes
720 Inland Circle #102
Aggravated Child Pornography, Victim under 18
Green 2000 Kawasaki Ninja, License Plate # CF8309 (Illinois)

Gore, Kyle D., M/W, 03/10/1987, 5’11", 190 lbs., Brown Hair/Blue Eyes
2124 Riverlea Circle
Aggravated Child Pornography
White 2011 Honda Civic, License Plate # S630863 (Illinois)

Hershey, Mark J., M/W, 09/22/1964, 6’1”, 185 lbs., Blonde Hair/Blue Eyes
1821 S. Washington St., Unit 307
Child Pornography/Indecent Solicitation, Victim under 18
No Vehicle Information

Hurtado, Alejandro. M/W, 01/13/1997, 5'7", 155 lbs., Brown Hair/Brown Eyes
Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse, Victim under 13
No Vehicle  

Jordan, Terry L., M/W, 3/12/1947, 5’11”, 225 lbs., Blonde Hair/Blue Eyes
3044 Crystal Rock Rd
Child Pornography/Poss/Film/Photo, Victim under 18
2003 Tan Mercury Marquis, License Plate # J876223 (Illinois)

Langlotz, George A., M/W, 1/23/1949, 5’11”, 270 lbs, Bald/Brown Eyes
2332 Hartford Ct.
Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse, Victim under 18
2007 Black Chevy Suburban, License Plate # 100 4396 (Illinois)

Lutz, Alexander N., M/W, 07/02/1986, 6’0”, 205 lbs., Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
2134 Fulham Drive
Criminal Sexual Abuse/Cant Consent, Victim Under 18
2014 White 4-door Honda Civic, License Plate E199358 (Illinois)

Melody, Michael J., M/W, 06/17/1967, 5’8", 175 lbs., Brown Hair/Blue Eyes
37 Townsend Circle
Possession of child pornography, Victim under 18
No Vehicle Information

Pulphus, Victor D., M/B, 11/02/1991, 5’11”, 145 lbs., Brown Hair/Black Hair
1545 Fairway Dr. #302
Criminal Sexual Abuse, Victim Under 13yoa
No vehicle

Ratliff, Jeromey S., M/W, 03/12/1980, 5”9”, 250 lbs., Bald/Hazel Eyes
1350 Ogden Ave, America’s Best Inn, Room #150
Sexual Exploitation of a Child/Sex Act, Victim under 18
No vehicle

Schmitz, Thomas A., M/W, 12/13/1958, 5’5", 170 lbs., Blonde Hair/Blue Eyes
462 Valley Dr. #300
Possession of Child Pornography, Victim age 10
Black 2005 Honda Element, License Plate # 7718202 (Illinois)

Stavenger, Roy A., M/W, 4/29/1941, 6’1”, 240 lbs, Grey Hair/Blue Eyes
1569 Swallow
Possible Child Pornography, Victim under 18
2012 Gray Mercedes-Benz ML-Class SUV, License Plate # P501930 (Illinois)

Turner, Emonte E., M/B, 06/27/1973, 5’10”, 190 lbs., Black Hair/Brown Eyes
1675 Kiowa Drive #202
Criminal Sex Assault/Force, Victim Over 18
No Vehicle

Villicana, Richard J., M/W, 1/26/1975, 6’00”, 160 lbs, Brown Hair/Brown Eyes
1306 Crab Apple Ct, #200
Attempted Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse, Victim 13-16 years of age
2010 Maroon Nissan Murano, License Plate # V458648 (Illinois)

Zirkin, Trevor R., M/W, 12/15/1989, 6’0”, 175 lbs, Brown Hair/Brown Eyes 
Criminal Sexual Abuse, Victim Under 18
2003 Silver Infiniti G35, License Plate # PC R790166 (Illinois)